Dr.Mario 64


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If there is one Mario spin off that deserves it's own thread here, it's this one and we all know why:

Yes, you are seeing correctly, there is a Mario game with Wario characters.

Another thing that makes this game unique among other Dr.Marios is the fact that it actually has a story, sure it's nothing ground breacking, all it pretty much amounts to is:
Mad Scienstein stiehls Marios Megavitamins and both he and Wario chase him down until they reach Rudy the Clown, who has gotten A LOT smaller compared to Land 3 :

Oh yeah and Mario has full dialog....weird...

While the story may not be spectacular it does add a certain charm to the game, that other games in the series don't have.

The music helps too, just listen to Rudys theme:

So yeah, this is definentaly my favorite of the Dr.Mario games and the Wario stuff is so extensive that I like to consider it an honorary Wario game.

Well that's my thougth's on the game, how about you guys, anyone else who played it?

Here is a link for more references beyond the characters pictured above:

And an old poll made by I.M.Gibbon:
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