Favourite Wario Land levels?


Diamond City Mayor
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What levels are some of your favourites from this series, regardless of what game they're in?

For me I feel like some of Wario Land 4's are my favourites, with Crescent Moon Village, The Curious Factory, Hotel Horror and Domino Row being a few standout examples.

But what about your favourites?
Toxic Landfill because HOLY FUCK Wario can play some fucking stoner metal.

that's really the only reason it's my favorite, I just absolutely didn't expect to hear fucking STONER METAL in a gba game and I was overwhelmingly pleasantly surprised to hear it
I always liked the city levels in Wario Land 2, pretty much how I feel about cities. Get free travel to get places. Climb buildings to get places. Reminds me of muling in Detroit.
palm tree paradise, might kind of be the inspiration for john gutter idk
toxic landfill, same reason as arle
fiery cave, just the difference between the normal version and the hurry up version
I remember the day I got Wario Land: Shake It! and I was so excited, that game is beautiful and it has some great level design, art and music. I really like:
  1. Stonecarving City - the ultimate classic, love the more Mesoamerican design and how the theme is used as Wario's victory theme in Smash!
  2. Run-Down Pyramid - the continued "ruin" theming and that music, holy crap that music. The wheel mechanic is great too.
  3. Just Plains - the Wii's motion controls are used at their full capacity here and it is a great precursor to Chortlebot!
  4. Wavy Waters - it looks gorgeous and I love the Stonecarving City motif.
  5. Derailed Express - I love how it takes Wreck Train and cranks it to the max, playing a Wario Land level on a moving train is incredible.
  6. Stonetooth Cave - possibly the best escape theme in the whole game and great challenges to go with it.
  7. Windbreak Bay - I love the obvious fart joke in the title, lol. The theming with the colors in this level is great and it has a cool challenge too. I am convinced that this level's music is this game's Gusty Garden Galaxy - severely underrated.
  8. Prism Prison - The music in the level is so nice and heavenly, and I love the puzzles with the rocket thingy.
  9. Launchpad Labyrinth - without a doubt one of the hardest levels and it fully utilizes the rocket, I love how the entire level is that iconic escape theme, it puts great pressure on the player and it is interesting to think that it was originally planned to be earlier in the game, as it reuses Stonecarving City's motif.
  10. Soggybog River - it's a rainy level with an incredible soundtrack in 7/8 time, can't get cooler than that!
  11. Creep Blue Sea - the last of the underwater levels gives an extended miniboss and a super relaxing theme that I know how to play on piano.
  12. Bamboozle Village - once again, excellent concept for a level and nice puzzle with the bombs. The art style of the game really shines here, and that escape theme is to die for, it should definitely be put in Smash.
Let's hope we get another game as great as Shake It!, that one is my childhood <3