General "Art that makes you go 'aw, dope'" Thread


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Don't know if one exists for art where you're just like 'aw cool, that's dope' or not.
Things to post here include pieces by nobodies that you happen to know, concept art for shit like HL2 or Tak 2 which are seriously off the chain.

I'll start with some "check out this nobody who's secretly got skeels" art.
Here are some icons drawn by my little brother's friend, Charger342. He sent me one thing, and eventually I got my hands on a majority of these steam icons he drew. I told him that his lighting and shading are pretty dope (and his grasp of perspective seems to be pretty decent, too).
38511121.20000017_snow man.png

Like, I don't know what that pigman is supposed to be, but it's just a little bit gross in all the right ways (and look at that lighting nigga, I just noticed that this fucker drew goddamn peach fuzz on this creep-- it even gets brighter closer to the light source). As you can see from the more real-life based shit (the snowman's pipe and Scott the Woz over there), he struggles with copying real-life subjects with lineart and stuff. Dunno 'bout you, but I'd want this nigga making my Ren and Stimpy paintings.
Just look at that pumpkin, look at how inky that reflection is, like it's the muhfuggin' Ghost Bayou, look at how real that smoke looks. Get this nigga to color your lineart, cuz