Hello my name is Dabbit The MIPS


Wario's Unsung Lacky and Scribe
Wario's main MIPS here to help bring Wario's unsung tales to the videogame world. Whether it be in romhacks or someday cannon games. Wario's an interesting man and he's been places and done things that would blow your mind. Things Miyamoto doesn't want you to know about! I'm always looking to work with people and make these kinds of things happen. Currently working with a Hacker on a score where Wario breaks into Peaches Castle during the events of Mario Sunshine. Turns out the FLUDD wasn't the only thing E. Gadd was cooking up. Can our main man Wario get the goods and get out? Six levels of mayhem. New enemies that you would never see MEHrio trouncing. New power-ups! Will Waluigi and Wario be able to pay the rent? Will Wario ever acknoweldge Waluigi's success in the food industry?NoNoNo: Your guess is as good as mine,Hmm: Wario wont tell me how it all turned out.... I guess you'll have to find out for yourselves. CreepyasHell:
Hey welcome!!! d:) a new member, i hope you have a good time here, and be sure to make an ask thread in the 'ask' section at the bottom of the forums.
Welcome to Wario Forums!
Thank you CM30! Still hard at work trying to make a wario game! I hope it does justice. Here is a sneak peak. Doing in N64 style
That's pretty neat! Looks like Wario Master of Disguise as it'd have been on the N64!

Do you have a YouTube channel or other place we can see updates on this project?
I would consider making one. I also would be more than happy to post updates in this thread. Iam personally very open to others input. I am just scared about Nintendo misunderstanding my intention and DMCA'ing me >.< so I'm cautious. My collaboration partner for the project who is handling animation and the coding says we should "build" suspense.

I can say this though! If anyone is wanting/willing to join the crew! I'm no boss man! I believe we all need to work together and make a great game if we want to bring WARIO to his position of RIGHTFUL glory. Personally for me the money is not the goal but rather just to give back to something that made us all smile and gave us a reason to keep on keeping on. Still we should figure out a way to notorize contributions if it becomes more than just me and my current partner.
*Wario doing his best calm announcer/tourguide voice* Join the Mario gang on their vaction to Delphino island. Enjoy the relaxing resorts, soothing sightseeing, and amusing... amusment parks. *crumples up Delphino island tourist guide and grumbles back to normal wario voice* Sounds like a sims game. *then Wario and Waluigi laugh*
*real announcer as wario bros flex and do some hijinx* Join THE WARIO BROS! As they pull their greatest heist yet. The royal family is out of town and its time for The Wario Bros to bring the house down. Can they crash the castle and plunder and purloin? Or will The Wario Bros step in more than they ever wanted to smell. *wario fart(jk lol)*
6 WACKY POWER UPS! 9 WICKED WORLDS! Bonkers Battles! Mischievous Microgames! Perilous Platforming! Wario's going to need all of his friends to pull this one off. He might even fight some old and unlikely enemies. (the Black Pirate gang, donkey kong crew, Mushroom Kingdoms Elite Toad Squadron headed by Luigi).

I plan on Wario having at least 9 different outfits (maybe more if they are in homage to other wario game styles, was going to have a wacky eyed wario back from when wario was more 'demented'). Some potentially unlockable and non story. This should drum up nostalgia and make people yearn for MORE wario games.


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Hello, @DabbitDaMips! Your profile pic is... interesting. I am looking forward to the content you produce. That N64-style Wario looks really awesome!
Thank you Just a Wario Fan I love Shanae too! I'lll post some more just cause you showed interest :D
This Mushamen (from Mario Party) will pull out a shrunken mini mushroom head and shrink wario into egg wario (WW Touched) with it.
Also here is level 1-3 (Shrine of Spores) where Wario will need to solve puzzles and fight some old foes to get to move on!
The theme of the level being that at one point Goombas, Toads(once called Toadstools), and Shroobs were all one tribe before something unprecidented happened driving the shroobs out to space, scaring the goombas into the clutches of the koopa army, and casting the toads into a state of chaos where they could easily be turned into the bricks we all know are really people.
(Work in progress)


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