Five Nights at Wario's Maniac
I am idk an original name, or you could call me 'Iaon', whichever is fine.

I knew Wario for as long as I can remember, I am not entirely sure when I first knew Wario, I got hooked back into Wario in around late 2020 to early 2021 from a Wario fangame, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, called Five Nights at Wario's when I finally got to play it on a new computer (the one I am currently using to type out this post as I am typing this post) when the new updates dropped for the games and the creator of said Five Nights at Wario's whom of which has posted on here before (I am not entirely sure if people here remember him). I don't have the money to play the Wario Land games or WarioWare games sadly, but I have played the demo of Get It Together! entirely on the Nintendo Switch and it looks good IMO.

As for my current interests, I have been game developing some games relating to the fangame that got me interested in Wario 2 years ago. I have also taken an interest in archiving Five Nights at Wario's as I found it most interesting to see past stuff from 2014 about Five Nights at Wario's, oh, I also have been archiving some of WwwWario's older and other stuff (Super Wario series and his one-offs). It's honestly pretty interesting to see stuff from 12 years ago made by the creator of Five Nights at Wario's.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :D
Hey welcome! WARNING! i'm not interested in Wario! i'm just here cause i like forums and i was trying to get back to my friends at marioboards cause my Wii U browser lost contact with it.

So anyway... what Nintendo games besides Wario do you like?
I forgot to mention that I play Mario games on the SNES via the virtual console on the Nintendo Switch which doesn't have Super Mario RPG, so I don't have any thoughts on it. Maybe I will try it out if it'll come out on the SNES virtual console for the Nintendo Switch.