How did you discover Wario Forums?


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Did you find out about the site via social media? Via affiliate links on other websites? By simply searching for info on the Wario series in Google?

How did you find out that this place existed?
The week before my birthday I was doing some self-improvement, including learning guitar, I looked up a Toxic Landfill guitar tab, and then I saw a thread about what people think is the best Wario music, and upon noticing, I immediately clicked, and then before leaving the site, I decided to make an account.
Weario's HD uncompressions of the WL4 OST, they had a link in their description i went to and i found the atmosphere simply thrilling.
WarioWare is my favorite Nintendo series, like I didn't have many forums for talk and like I feel alone, searching luck, I wanted found a WarioWare fans forums, and I found it.