Hi there, everyone! I've been reading through this forum for a few weeks now and finally worked up the courage to create an account. :SWhistle:


I'm yellowmurmur (but because this forum already has a "yellow" member, feel free to call me Murmur or Mur or any variation on that). He and him and his.
My first exposure to any Wario series was a YouTube video of 9-Volt's stage in Twisted! that I watched when I was ~4 years old. I had zero understanding of what was going on, not least of all because the video was from the Japanese version of the game! I have a particularly vivid memory of watching the Super Mario Bros. boss stage and thinking "am i dreaming? what is going on here?!?" Fast forward thirteen or so years and I tried my hand at the handheld Wario Land games. The only one I was able to beat was SML3 :p — but I wasn't interested in trying out WarioWare. Mostly because people preferred Wario Land. But soon I decided to give Mega Microgame$! a shot and was hooked.

All that to say, hey howdy hey! Gahhh, I'm excited to be here.