Introduction, yay.


You didn’t juju on that beat.
I’m ThePainZone, but you knew that already. I am your average Italian gamer, pretty much. I began to have an ENORMOUS Wario addiction a few months ago, thus why I joined here (plus wanting to know more about Wario and it’s series in general. If you have a fact or cameo you think I don’t know the existence of, please tell me: I wanna know AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE of said).

I’m short tempered, so if I somehow manage to upset or anger people, in advance I say sorry.

...that’s all, really.
Oh damn, I should have added this earlier lol:
My favourite Wario games are Wario Land 4 and Wario Master Of Disguise (Mainly WL4, but I prefer bringing the attention to W:MOD most of the times). I don’t like the Warioware series that much though.
I don’t own any physical copies of any Wario game (Look, I’m broke, can’t do anything about it sadly), but I occasionally just play the games via emulators. Currently in the process of playing Wario World, after finished i’ll do Wario Land 1 and 2... but not 3, don’t think I can handle a lot of backtracking.