Is Get It Together's Gameplay a One Off?


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Or do you think any future WarioWare games will revisit the whole 'play as the character and directly interact with the microgame' setup?

Personally I'm not sure, though with Move It returning to the traditional style, I wouldn't be surprised if this stayed as a Get It Together exclusive...
Undoubtably a one time thing. The reason they released that game is for Switch Lite owners. With a versatile console like the Switch, it makes sense that they release one button game (for Switch Lite and to easily play on the go) and then a full-on motion controls game for everyone else.
I saw this proposed on TV Tropes' Wild Mass Guessing page; if ever a hypothetical "Super DIY" was to come out, replacing the touch controls the originals used with GIT's playable characters could make it viable... although DIY also has other problems, such as the inflexibility of the editor, that'd need to be ironed out if we don't want a repeat of DIY's bargain basement sales records.