Make me a mystery!

Kaptain K. Rool

The 'COOLEST' Pirate to ever sail the seven seas!
Hi, I would like a mystery to solve, I would like a thief mystery NOT a murder mystery! NO SWEAR WORDS!
These are the characters i would like for the mystery) One of them has to be the thief... you decide!
Kaptain Kool, Mr Purple, The Green Thunder, Mr Lightning, Agent 3, General Rainfall, The Butler, The Maid.
why did the thief cross the road?
No i do not mean THAT kind of mystery... not jokes! You have to think of one of those people i named to be the thief but don't tell me who, And then you have to make up a story like... (All the people lived in a little town and one day Mr Lightning got robbed of his radio, The only people that were in his house were General Rainfall and the Maid but she was in a different room at the time) And so on, Get it?