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A request for Just A Wario Fan, the song that plays when you access the lower levels beneath Hotel Horror. I wanted to do Toy Block Tower as well, since that's their favorite, and I like it too, but that song's MIDIs are all such pains in the ass to try to work with.
Psst. This is an invitation for the rest of you as well.

*audience hooting and hollering, spotlight flies down to show me as I, in a suit and bow-tie, energetically jog over to the mic and proceed to speak all out of breath*
Ha ha hey, yeah I'm doing requests for instrumentations, I've decided!:nosejump:

*big flaring lights, gold streamers, red balloons*
:stein:~tahutoa's doing WAAmixes!~:stein2:

I'll take requests if I
:holup:1) already have a MIDI of the song you want (maybe, since we're all Wario junkies), or (uggggh)
:wariosleep:B) can get one that meets my standards of quality from online, which, let's be honest, is even less likely (which leads me to)
:gwatchkissy:3) receive a MIDI from you that you've picked out, since I trust that you, as a fellow WAAn of quality, know a good-ass MIDI from a lame-ass poopy one. Robin's obviously the top-tier sleuth here, as far as this goes (on par with myself, ha ha *preen preen*), but you never know a good eye until you've seen it be used.

:pumpit:I'll take a song title you give me and Wario-fy it, or, alternatively, take a Wario song and put it into the style of something else.:runwariorun:

I can do requests for songs in the style of
March of the Minis, :wariocaralt2:
Wario Land 4, :SpoiledRotten:
8-bit, :WLThumbsUp:
Mother 3,
Clubhouse Games,
Tak 3: the Great Juju Challenge,
New Super Mario Bros.,
Master of Disguise :thiefkneeling:
SuperSponge-- this last one it's gonna depend on the instruments used*, because I'm still working on the soundfont and with school being back I don't have as much time to spend working on it. ((*I currently have presets for Piano, Jazz Guitar, Brass, Accordion, Vibraphone, Drumkit, Acoustic Guitar, Reed Organ, Pizzicato, Clean Guitar, and Flute.))

:shokoraIV: Keep in mind, you have to direct me towards a good place to find a quality MIDI or link me one to work with if I don't have it, because like I said I don't have as much time on my hands so I can't transcribe as much as I'd like to anymore.

Sometimes, I won't be able to make a song sound as good with the tools and soundfonts I have at my disposal as I'd like (which, heh, ain't likely. Waa-haa-haa :dabs::dabs::dabs:), you'll have to forgive me for that (forlorn waa). In the case of this, I'll let you know and ask for another song to do instead.

:shantdance:Here's to the potential bumpin' tunes, and to me getting exposed to new music:gwatchkissy:
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