My Pokémon ROM hacks!


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Note: These are technical hacks! You may find that level layouts are only slightly modified, or not changed at all! They may have bugs or glitches, both visually, and physically! These hacks were not designed to be full fledged hacks, and will never be completed! Also VERY CRINGE INDUCING TEXT (That glitches up the game (Red) at times), proceed with caution! If you get cringe, just remember one thing: I didn't know what the HECK I was doing back then!

Well, I guess I am going to release all my hacks to the public now, woo hoo...

Anyways, Pokémon! Apply the BPS patches to Pokémon roms! The current hacked versions are: Red, Blue, and Crystal! Red and Crystal have EVERY Pokémon available, so you don't need to trade! Enjoy!

Blue isn't available now...


  • Pokémon Red (U) [S][!] - Copy.bps
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  • Pokémon Crystal (U) [C][!] - Copy.bps
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