[Upcoming Game] Nintendo Games That Need Microgame Recreations?


Diamond City Mayor
Diamond City Leader
As you know, every new WarioWare game has a few microgames based on classic Nintendo titles. These are usually associated with 9-Volt, 18-Volt and 5-Volt, and are often one of the highlights of their respective game.

So what games do you think Move It will get microgames based on? We already know there's a Super Mario 64 DS one based on the secret slide level:


And one based on Pikmin:


But we all know these aren't going to be the only ones. So what Nintendo titles will get microgame versions this time around?
I have absolultely no idea :O (I mean aside from obligatory tropical/vacation themed stuff like packing suitcases, to checking into flights, to literally any aspect of travelling)
Multiple ideas:
  • Karate Man
    • GBA being Level 1, either DS or Wii being Level 2, and Senior being Level 3
    • Punch the pots and other objects that fly in! Maybe could be a boss microgame.
  • Labo Fold!
    • Put together various Labo kits and segments!
  • Mario's Moves!
    • Just Dance inspired microgame. Another boss potential. Based on the Just Mario routine.
  • Picross
    • Various quick picross mini-puzzles based on either Pokemon Picross, Zelda Picross, or Club Nintendo Picross.
  • Shelf Publish
    • Putting the correct WWDIY item in the correct section.
  • Direct To You!
    • A microgame about a Nintendo Direct.
  • Tears Of The Kingdom
    • Not sure exactly what, but they need to have a microgame based on it.
  • Capsule Machine
    • Based on WWGold's capsule machine.
Master of Disguise
Command: Disguise
Lvl 1: Thief (check mark)
Lvl 2: Arty (square with a diagonal line in the middle)
Lvl 3: Wicked (Wing, if you draw Dragon tail of accident, you fail)
Wario has come a long way,
It would be nice seeing more straight up spin off warioware games that are based on wario himself like this
Another microgame based off of the Pushmo/Pushblox series? There could be a microgame relating to Pullmo, where you need to make a pulling gesture towards your chest so you can pull blocks of the puzzle on-screen!
Ok your question was very intriguing @CM30 and brought me to much ponderment
I would like to see a Warioware: Obscure
In this they will feature only the most obscure or off the path nintendo titles.
40 Winks
Bust-A-Move / Arcade Edition
Wario Blast, Wariowoods, Minish Cap
Diddy Kong Racer, Dinosaur Planet, Golden Sun
Chameleon Twist, Glover, hey you pikachu, goemon,
pokesnap, Drill Dozer/Mr Driller, Sword of Mana (or any of the Mana series)
The Spryo GBA games, Rythem Tengoku, Pocky and Rocky, Adventure Island
Parodius, Bonk's Adventure/BC Kid, Cutthroat Island, Demon Crest
Kirby TiltnTumble, Kirby Pinball Land/ Mario Pinball Land,
dance dance revolution mario mix, mario is missing
Hatris (which is tetris with hats), Kid Dracula, Kirby's Block Ball
Lemmings, Viewtiful Joe, Giest, Luigi's Mansion, Q-Bert
Clock tower, Earthbound, The Lost Vikings, mario rpg
yoshis safari

(can think of TONS of mini games that could be made from all of these games)
So many Wii titles you can recreate with motion controls. I seriously hope we get a Wario Land: Shake It! one, or an incredibly meta WarioWare: Smooth Moves one XD