Official Downloadable contents for old videogames


Wario Fan Supreme
I had this idea some time ago, I always asked myself, if you can make downloadable contents for recent videogames, why not expand and add more things to old videogames and make downloadable contents for them? I don't know if it's a good idea or not, if you want to tell me if it's a good or bad idea and why.

But this topic is to find out the potential of this idea, that's why I ask, if in the future they also sell new official downloadable contents to play them with the official Nintendo Virtual Console videogames, that is to say for the old videogames, what downloadable contents do you think would be good for those videogames?

I for example ones that allow to play Super Mario 64 with 4 players, ones that allow to play Diddy Kong Racing of Nintendo 64 with Taj and Wizpig, ones that allow to play the official video games of Nintendo 64 called Mario Golf and Mario Tennis with Wapeach, ones that allow to play the F-Zero of Super Nintendo with 2, 3 or 4 players, ones that allow to play the Super Mario Bros of Nintendo Entertainment system with Bowser, ones that allow to play the multiplayer mode of Donkey Kong 64 with more characters like Dixie Kong, Pauline, Donkey Kong Jr, Kiddy Kong, Cranky Kong, Candy Kong and Funky Kong with a new adventure mode to play all their playable characters, ones that allow to play the Nintendo 64 videogames called Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2 with 30 new mini games and ones that allow to play 1080° Snowboarding with 16 new official levels.

But of course, it would be great if many of these downloadable contents were free, not all of them should be charged to play them if you buy their video games on the virtual console.