Overall WarioWare Gold Impressions


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Making this thread because I feel like the main thread is getting a little busy.

So now that most of us have gotten the game although some may still not quite be far along, I think it's time that most of us can give our full impressions on the game. I haven't gotten everything just yet but I think I've played enough to have a good impression to make a sort of review.

Overall, I think the game is quite good and is everything it needed to be. It can sort of feel like a bit of a retread of the past games but since it has been over a decade since we last got a fully fledged WarioWare (unless you count DIY but that's still quite a long time) that's not necessarily a bad thing as this is just the thing the series needed for it to come back to the public's conscience.

There isn't really anything wrong with the game I think. I do think there could've been a tad more content whether it be a dozen more microgames or new game modes. Otherwise, it feels only a bit more than what the usual par for WarioWare games is.

I know I've said some slightly harsh things about the voice acting but after adjusting to it a bit and just getting past what I would've personally envisioned for the characters to sound like, it's quality voice acting. I'd definitely like to see this cast come back again and maybe by then they can a better grasp of the characters since this was just their first outing with voicing these guys. That being said, I thought the cutscenes were somewhat uninspired this time around and felt like they were sacrified in order to include that dubbing gimmick. Oh well, the cutscenes were never the focus of the games and the dubbing gimmick can be fun.

Overall, it's great to see a return to form for the series and here's hoping we can get another entry in the not too distant future.


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Well, my review gives my full thoughts on the game:

WarioWare Gold Review | Gaming Reinvented

But honestly? It delivers exactly what I wanted it to; a good solid WarioWare game with no awkward gimmicks and a decent amount of content (unlike many Nintendo games nowadays).

The voice acting is fine too. Not perfect for all characters, but nothing hurts your ears or really gets annoying, so it does it's job fine.


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My initial response to the game being revealed was that I was bummed about the change in art style. Over time it's grown on me (as have the new voices), though I still prefer the art of the prior installments.

But despite my initial grievances, it dawned upon me that this is the first proper Warioware in years. The first Wario game in 5 years. We were in the midst of a Wario drought and desperately needed a new game.

As more and more info came out; the more pumped I got. Tons of microgames, new and old? Pushing, twisting and touching? The return of souvenirs?? It certainly had the components of a good Warioware title.

To put in perspective how hyped I was; I actually saved up money to go get Warioware Gold and I never buy any new games anymore. All my systems are obsolete aside from the 3DS which is on its way out.

Needless to say, I didn't regret my purchase and Nintendo put together those aforementioned components pretty well. It's clear they focused on replay value and post-game content with Gold which is what I value most in a Warioware (considering one can clear the main story of these games in the matter of a single day) and why Twisted was my favorite one.

Gold doesn't surpass Twisted, but it got second place in my book which is pretty damn good.

As an added afterthought, Wario Deluxe is the best final stage in a Warioware yet. It's truly "Anything Goes" and unpredictable, namely when Wario pulls out all the stops and briefly prevents you from knowing the following microgame's control scheme. What's more is, you feel like you're facing down a final boss this time, and are built up to have a stake in the whole matter. Wario didn't just scam his employees or the people of Diamond City this time; he scammed you.
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I was also disappointed in the art change and voices at first but as I progressed through the story and saw the story come together I really enjoyed everything. 9-Volt's voice actually fits really for him in my opinion! To be honest, the worst voice acting is Wario's if you ask me.

The games are great which is why I can't complain. Some really funny ones this time round. I'd have to say twisted and mega microgames are always gonna be my fave but I'm very very very happy with Gold. Already one of my fave 3DS game.

Further, I love that one of the extras is an alarm clock :p Didn't know the 3DS could make noise while in sleep mode.


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Only just beat the main campaign (wasn't in a video game mood for most of the weeks), my thoughts:

Teh Good

-The selection is pretty good! Beside bringing back the fucking kanji game and the pétanque ones from Touched, I don't think the game brought back micros it shouldn't have or ignored really good ones.

-There's a lot of stuff here.

-I like the cutscenes! When I heard the game had full voice-acting, I was worried they'd buy into the "WarioWare should focus on the story and characters" meme, but they didn't. The cutscenes are decently paced and punchy, and the full voice acting adds a lot to the charm. Things like having the mix stages have actual stories or the microgame descriptions be written from the host character's perspective are also great touch.

-Challenges are a great addition

-The sets that mix diferent style of inputs work surprisingly well and make for a great challenge!

Teh Mixed

-The graphical changes made to the microgames are sometimes good, sometimes unfortunate. Generally the games that attempted to actually look good look even more impressive while the deliberatly crappy ones lose most of their edge due to the flat, flash-esque art.

-Not having a character theme is unfortunate but at least Wario Deluxe has a mean riff!

Teh Bad

-There were a few times where familiarity with the original microgame screwed me over. Like the one where you destroy things through a cheese grater: In Smooth moves, I'd just shake the Wii Mote up and down but here you swipe left and right. Or the glass catching one where the timing is off compared to the original game.

-Lack of lefty option blows.

-The conveyance seems a lot poorer here compared to the other games. I still have no idea what I'm supposed to do in the coffee game

Overall this a pretty great hail mary and if its underwhelming sales kill off the series, we can at least be glad it ended on a good note instead of Game & Wario. But none of this matters because Orbulon's French voice gave me a bowling ball-sized cyst. Was nice knowing you all


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I already posted a link to my impressions post in the WWG Discussion thread, but having unlocked everything since then I can say that I still stand by my opinion.

I love the game. it's fantastic, does a lot of things that I really wanted to see, the voice acting adds even more character and charm to everything, it plays well, there is a lot to play around with and the game as a whole just feels like a love letter to the WarioWare series as a whole.

I always feel awkward when gushing like this, because it makes me wonder if I'm coming off as fanboyish, but my praise is entirely sincere. The game obviously isn't perfect, but it hits so many right notes for me that the small issues that are indeed there, just don't impact my overall impressions that much.

This game just makes me happy and there is something to be said about a game that can bring a smile on your face, everytime you boot it up.


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Alrighty, I think I spent enough time with the game here and there.

First off, what I liked. The new voices did take getting used to, but it's not bad. It sounds like anime dubbing, which makes sense considering many of these voices did, indeed, voice in anime dubs. My favorite of the new voices are Kat, Ana, Mona, and 18-Volt's. Charles Martinet does a good job as Wario, but I expected nothing less; yes, this may be his first time in a fully-voiced Wario game, but he's proven a capable voice actor outside the Marioverse.

Story itself is simple, but nice, and honestly, I'm just glad to have a WarioWare story again after five years. I still enjoy seeing what the characters go through in these games.

The artstyle did take some getting used to, but I won't lie when I say it grew on me. Works well enough for the game, and it fits the game quite well, I say. Hopefully future games keep this, though I won't complain if it doesn't.

The extra features like minigames and such are nice, if not as plentiful as in the past. It does feel like unlocking a lot of things happens too fast, though I won't lie when I say some of the things ypu DO unlock are nice. Unlocking Manhole is nice, and getting those records are always a treat in any game with unlockable music; just wish there was more of it.

Game's not perfect, of course; as Glowsquid said, familiarity with the older versions of the microgames can mess with you. It gets very tiring in some spots. And in some cases, it can mess with me even removing that, which is probably the point, but my reflexes still mess with me on some of them.

And that cake boss mircogame? It can go straight to the dumpster. I try to match it as best as I can as fast as I can, and I feel it's down to luck if the chef guy likes it. Then again, maybe there's skill to it, and I simply stink...? Either way, I don't like it.

Something that doesn't necessarily fit the positive or negative, but I wanted to bring up; if you've never played a WarioWare game and you're looking at this as your first one, you can start with this one. Game's a good enough introduction of what the series is all about, and if continuity is a concern for some reason, you won't lose anything other than a few minor references here and there.

One thing I feel...mixed on; Gamer returned, and yes, it is as scary as it was on Wii U, if not moreso; 5-Volt uses the super strength she got from her workout in her story in this version, and it might catch you off guard, along side with some other scary new things that make it just, er, fresh enough. I suppose it at least wasn't stuck on Wii U, considering that console's unfortunate fate.

So do I recommend this game? If you're a WarioWare fan, yes! If you're looking just to get started with the series, yes! If you're looking for a reason to dust off your 3DS, or even buy a 3DS in 2018, yes!

My score is a 4/5.


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also ashley's boss game is boring and drawn-out as fuck. Was it that bad in Twisted?
Been hearing Ashley's minigame in gold being long and winded and honestly it's much much shorter as well as faster in Twisted from when I played it here's a time stamp with the vid showing how it plays in Twisted by comparison.

Skip to 13:19 in the video for it.


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Been hearing Ashley's minigame in gold being long and winded and honestly it's much much shorter as well as faster in Twisted from when I played it here's a time stamp with the vid showing how it plays in Twisted by comparison.

Skip to 13:19 in the video for it.
Damn, why did they fuck it up so bad.