Should there have been a third set of WW challenges?


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Here's what it could be:

Stage 1: Air Rally
Dribble as Baxter, Spitz as Forthington
They're in separate small taxis on the road instead of in planes.

Stage 2: Love Rap
Mona as MC Adore
9-Volt and 18-Volt as the Love Posse (9-Volt is your guy)

Stage 3: Tongue Lashing
Pyoro as the chamelon
Fronks as the bugs

Stage 4: First Contact
Orbulon as the Martian
Astronaut is still the same.

That's what I've got anyway.
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Shyster Guyster
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How abooouut....
-Doctor Bacteria (Sick Beats) with Penny sitting at the microscope. (the viruses could have little wario noses or they could be modeled after the Dr. Wario germs)
-Rat Race with the mouse from Twisted and Game & Wario but Wario replaces the cat, trying to get his strawberry back.
-Exhibition Match with Mona and Wario. (the guy already resembles Wario is a few ways)
-Glee Club with 3 Mini Warios. BUT they have to use the mini wario singing voice from Smooth Moves.
You know, the one that's in almost all of these: