Should Wario have been in Super Mario Run?


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Yeah he should have. Far more interesting than having all these different Yoshi colours (though Daisy and Toadette's inclusions were nice to see).


Shyster Guyster
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Of course. I don't get why they are so reluctant to put Wario in Mario series platformers these days. He didn't even get into the stupid Mini Mario game.
His appearance in SM64DS worked fine!


Some random guy online
I'd always welcome Wario in any game, this one would be no exception, though at least Run already has an impressive roster to begin with, unlike something like NSMB2, which did nothing speacial and pretty much begged to have Wario somewhere due to the money theme.

For what it's worth I'm hopeful that future 2D Marios may take note from Run in terms of how to handle he playable roster, since recent Mario titles seemed to realize again just how much flavor can add to a game (just look at stuff like the outfits in Odyssey) and 3D World along with Run both strongly emphasized characters actually having different stats and abilities, so for what it's worth I could at the very least see duos like Peach & Toad, Wario & Waluigi or Toad & Toadette as P3 and P4 characters in a future 2D Mario, as opposed to the generic Toads in NSMB Wii and U.