[Upcoming Game] Story Ideas for WarioWare: Move It?


Diamond City Mayor
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What do you think the stories will be like for the game, either for the individual characters or the game as a whole?

We know Wario is exploring some tropical region/on safari, Young Cricket is exploring a snowy mountain and Mona is going scuba diving at least:

WWMI_Wario_Stage.jpg CricketMoveItScreenshot.jpg MonaMoveIt.jpg
Mmm... I can imagine Orbulon having problems with his star ship and crash in WarioWare city for found the way of back to the space. But, I think Nintendo has better stories ideas for WarioWare Move It!
All I know is the wario ware crew feels like they have all been sent on their own adventures by Wario for this. No doubt to find treasure but also get famous Vlogger style off of their exploits.
That would be a cool concept. Either way, I'm glad that since Gold, Wario's treasure-hunting aspects are being given more attention.
Yeah its sad they ever abandonned this since that obsession is why we and all the members of warioware love him in the first place (used treasure funds ot build diamond city)

I am under the assumption that EITHER
Wario took over the city in WL4 and made it diamond city
Wario established diamond city somewhere else