Tell us about you.


Wario Fan Supreme
I make this thread for you tell us about you. It may be anything that you want to tell, it is for know more about you.

My description:

I am latin american. Like you know, my native language is spanish. I don't want to share my nationality because I think we have many racists from internet. I am a college graduate. I am a professional video game developer and designer since this year. I created more of 100 characters that I want to make a book about them. I have a blog for share my thoughts, reflections and opinions, a blog for share my ideas about existing series and a blog for share my personal characteristics that I don't have problems for share, but those blogs is in spanish. I am 36 years old. I am very creative. And I also participated in other internet forums like,, and I was and I am a Nintendo fan. Actually I am also learning to be a SONY fan and a Microsoft fan, because, including Nintendo, everybody like their videogames and videogames consoles and it will be very sad if Nintendo, SONY or Microsoft doesn't make more videogames or videogames consoles anymore.

Well, it is your turn for tell us about you.
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