[Upcoming Game] Things I'm Really Excited For


9-Volt's Big Sister
Other than new 9-Volt content such as lore + art + cut scenes + dialogue, there are actually a lot of new things I'm excited for in Warioware Move It

  • NEW OST - I enjoy the soundtrack of all of the Warioware games and I'm honestly super excited to see what the new game brings us
  • THE THEME OF THE GAME - I know it's supposed to be vacation like (as we know already), but I'm intrigued to see how that would work for characters like 9-Volt, 18-Volt, 5-Volt...
  • WARIO'S NEW VOICE- As it is disappointing to see Charles Martinet step down, a new Wario voice would be cool to hear as well. I can't wait to hear him talk in full sentences.
  • THE SOUVENIRS - If there is a souvenirs system as there was in Warioware Gold, Twisted, and Get It Together, I cannot wait to see what kind of things we will be able to collect in this game.
Oh I damn well hope there are souvenirs here, and that they're more interesting than the ones in recent games. The alarm clocks were neat and all, but I miss the variety in toys from Twisted, Touched, etc.

And the OST will be epic. Super curious what the catchy vocal theme will be this time around especially!