Transformations! ...for the other Wario Land characters!

Here's my take on Shokora with the bat transformation. ^^

This isn't called off, by the way. Mel's away for a while but I have the sketches for the Frozen transformations, so I'll be working on those. The Vampire ones will not be far afterwards, we swear.

...see, i can commit sometimes.
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im almost bac which means almost ready to almost do those sketches mmmhm
I forgot to mention here how much I luv Shy Guys design up there! its real damn cute and really clever to take advantage of shokos own transformation for this! (plus its cATBAT thats fuckin CLEVER god dAMN IT). Totally encouraging more people to post their own here, specially since we almost done and the thread will die forever n ever :,ccc crieveritiem
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Truth be told: I always wondered what it would be like if Mario were to obtain some of Wario's "power-ups" =P Just my thoughts though. Probably Zombie especially IMO.

These are really cute though.
This thread = Awesome.

Excellent job, @ChanceTime! The attention to detail and creativity is great. Stuff like Zombie Syrup becoming her skull emblem is great and is something that could only be thought up by a true Wario fan.

These are good enough to be real. I spent the whole thread imagining a 4-player Wario Land featuring these 3 playable. Before I would've told you Shokora and Rudy wouldn't work, but this makes me think otherwise.

A+++ Finish them!
Stumbled upon this thread while looking for an image of Frozen Wario for a future track. Decided to bring it back to the top, if nothing else.
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God, it'd be so awesome if we finally got the vampire and frozen forms of these characters as mentioned before, cause the rest of the art is awesome.