Wahaha! Hello!


It's Wario Time!!
Hello! I'm Tabby/Sammy. I never knew about the forum until I recently discovered it and browsed as a guest, but I finally made an account. Pretty cool that there's a forum just about Wario. :wariocaraltalt:

I've always been a big Wario fan and usually select/play as him in crossover games since he's just too cool. :cool: But when I first played Super Mario Land 2 when I was about 12 years old, it really got me interested in finding out more about Wario's backstory and games, which recently brought me to love the Wario Land series. I'll mostly talk about WL since I'm actually not really familiar with any WarioWare games (I've never played one, RIP). I can't decide between classic Wario and modern Wario, they're both equally good!

Some things about me: I love the 80's/90's (even though I wasn't born in those years, lmao), music, drawing (mostly OCs and fanart), cartoons, and video games! I'm not really familiar with being in a forum so if I do something wrong, please let me know. I'll definitely enjoy it here, for sure! :WLThumbsUp:


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Welcome to Wario Forums @TabbyPiggy! It's a tad less active at the moment, but that's mostly cause of the lack of new games recently and the Discord being a bit more popular now.

Enjoy your stay!