Wario Land 3 Randomizer


Wario Speedrunner
Yes, this is old news to us speedrunners. Our beloved AaronDobbe (Part of the Wario Speedrun Discord) has been working on this for quite some time and talks about his progress often he has given us different seeds to try for various testing, we are all looking forward to this being completed, its still very young but its getting to a point that you'll be able to use a tool that will generate seeds without any risk of softlocks within the game. According to him, generally what's left to iron out is some annoying stuff in the code which he isn't too hot at but if he can push through it, you'll see it soon as it'll be posted on github once its in stable form. (I did ask him at once point about possibly doing the same to WL2....possibly)

There is also a very young Wario Land 4 randomizer by another user, although it is much simpler in nature and no where near completed enough. It simply mixes up levels in Normal (to a degree), I pitched to him to possibly mix up Hard/S-Hard levels as well (including the bosses).

Update 10/5/2018 - You can now check it out here; AaronDobbe/wl3-randomizer
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