Wario Land flavored Wario moveset for Smash Bros


Villain Obsessed
Link here.

I always thought Wario's moveset in Smash was dumb. It doesn't even have that much to do with Warioware anyway, but if Wario was fighting he should obviously be based off his adventuring roles and appearance. The contest this was made for features very elaborate movesets, so this is something of a read, but entertaining if you have the time.
I like all the Wario Land references and the uniqueness, but I do have to say it might be a tad overcomplicated even for a Super Smash Bros game. For example, while the neutral moves are great, the side special and up special are great and the finals smash is an interesting and unique one, I think some of the others might just make playing as the character too complicated and significantly add to the amount of time the game would need in development.

Perhaps then, the money bag and treasure digging should be replaced with some of his other transformations instead.