WarioWare Demakes


Shyster Guyster
Diamond City Insider
After listening to two "demade" songs by Kiup-EX on youtube, I was inspired to draw a demake of a scene from Smooth Moves.
If anyone else wants to share any WarioWare related demakes, whether it's music or art or whatever, feel free to do it here.

Here are the songs:

And here's my picture:

I tried my best to capture the imperfections of the first game's sprites as best as I could. That game is not exactly "polished" when it comes to the art. But that gives it its own unique charm.
So I made sure to not always pick colors with a lot of contrast, to use questionable outline colors, to not have too much symmetry, and to overall just give everything a wonky feeling.
Something the first game does a lot is pick very garish colors, especially for the backgrounds. So I made the floor a solid block of yellow. And the walls are just as hard on the eyes as in 9-Volts original cutscene.
Maybe I'll make more like this later, maybe one for Twisted's art style. Or maybe I'll even remake an old one in a newer game's style. But currently I'm more interested in demakes.
Oh wow the demade scene from Smooth Moves looks spot on stylistically! I can 100% see that being in the original game, the spritework is just so on point there.

Great job ShyGuyXXL!