What video games have you created?


Wario Fan Supreme
What video games have you created? I invite everyone to show or mention the video games you made, whether these are great or not.

Here I show you the first video game I created for my university degree in video game design and development, in the first year, the year 2019:

It's called Arma Caras (Build Faces), it's a video game where you have a head on the left and another head on the right, the head on the right has random characteristics and the player has to change the parts of the left head to make it look the same as the one on the right.

Although it is not my first video game made, the first one I made was in game maker, I had made an explorer that had to move in a level to catch an egg, and there was a bird that moved very fast in random directions to prevent the player from touching that egg. Unfortunately I have nothing of the video game I made in game maker, but it was not very funny either, because it was just move, dodge the bird and touch the egg, the difficult thing was that sometimes the bird did not let you pass sometimes, but when you had the opportunity you could win very fast.