what WarioWare micro games would you like to create?


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Well, I made a "fake" microgame when I composed a little ditty (couldn't think of anything more than what I already had, so). Spent the last while fleshing it out.
  • The player assumes the role of some young girl, on her knees, chatting with a friend. They both are garbed in something similar to Lorraine Baines's main getup from BttF, the one with the bit of a puritan collar going on-- that little white collar on Creepy Suzie's garb, if that clears it up. You can't make out any of their clothes' colors, however, as the both of them are completely shrouded in darkness save for their eyes-- they are animated, but they're silhouettes.
  • The light that makes their shapes known comes from a window, where outside a dog stands atop a hill (it would look something like that dog who catches the frisbee). There's a bustling cityscape behind and to the right of the hill.
  • The dog's eventual howling noise wakes up the guy sleeping in an armchair. On difficulties 1 & 2, the TV is casting light on him, so you can see when he wakes up (which helps the player to figure out what to do in time on their first run), but on difficulty 3 you can only hear him snoring and see the silhouette of the armchair. The dog also will change colors between difficulties, from white w/ a black spot on its back, to brown, to black.
  • If you don't stop whispering in time, the signal that you failed is that the man will mirror that guy who gets a haircut, where he makes that Hut! sound of surprise (on difficulty 3, the man's silhouette is made known, so his expression can still be made out). The two girls' eyes will bug out as they focus on him, and pink blushes appear on their silhouettes.