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"ARRR! How do you keep finding me??? How the HECK did a chump like YOU find ME?!?
all the way out here!?!? IT'S THE NORTH POLE!!!! STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND!!!!"
* Wario grumbles to himself, now ignoring you.
* The wind howls, and you shiver.
* There are streams of snowflakes whipping every which way.
* The path their crusade takes them in is as fickle as the wind's choice in direction.

You have reality-bending powers. The events that follow are entirely to your will. You must
be discriminant with how you apply them, however as the person picking up where you left
off will have to repair any damage done by cringe otherwise.

* You notice that Wario is currently staring you down.
* He is hunched over in front of a determined little campfire, hands outstretched.

"You planning on standing there like an idiot all day? Leave me alone or I'll-- ...well, I dunno.
"...I guess I'll just continue sitting here

Carmen Sandiego bu tit's Wario



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I look at Wario with a frown.
"I came here... to tell you something," I say to him.
Wario stares, unimpressed. He is more focused on some gadget in his pocket.
I tell him how Captain Syrup plans to destroy him.
He shrugs it off, he's beaten Captain Syrup before.
But little does he know how different she is now.