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    What's your score on our Wario quiz?

    8/10, only got the WL3 and Wario World questions wrong
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    Akinator, I'm proud of you

    I tried to get him to guess Ashley and he wasn't able to :ashleymad:
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    So someone's making a Wario comic

    Wasn't this abandoned? I checked the blog and it hasn't been updated for years. With that said, the art is great though Edit: never mind, I assumed this was a repost on reddit and not from the original artist
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    Why not both?

    Why not both?
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    Gerbanium's art and other stuff

    Hi, this is my first thread! I've been drawing for 7 years now, and I actually started off by drawing Mario-series art so this is a nice return to form. It's been years since I've done any, though, so I'm very out of practice when it comes to drawing Our Guy. College and burnout means I haven't...
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    Favorite Wario quote?

    All the Wario lines in Gold are a complete delight, but my favorites are: "From now on, everything I own, GOLD! Even my money will be gold!" "MONA! I need your help! What's it pay? Oh, hold on, KRkRKkkRRKr, can't hear you, you're breaking up" "Must rage nap!"
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    What was everyone's first reaction to Wario in Brawl?

    Not to just echo everyone in here, but yeah, I was super excited and then caught off guard by the bike/waft in the trailer. My reaction kinda went like this: :shokorabounce:S^o^:SBlank::SHuh::SWorried: