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Wario's Weave
Hi, this is my first thread! I've been drawing for 7 years now, and I actually started off by drawing Mario-series art so this is a nice return to form. It's been years since I've done any, though, so I'm very out of practice when it comes to drawing Our Guy. College and burnout means I haven't been making too much art lately but I'll try and keep this thread active with at least something.

View attachment wario dlc for odyssey or we riot.png
This was a concept I had for alternate Wario outfits a-la Mario Odyssey, more based on Peach's outfits because gosh those look great. I showed it to other people for some feedback and they said his legs looked too long, which I agree with. I might revisit this concept and actually flesh it out some time.

Some people in my group chat started trash talking Wario so I made this. Just a meme

Just another pic of the guy having a laugh. (A string of "w"s is japanese internet slang for laughing out loud and I thought it was a weird coincidence and a good pun)

First picture isn't loading for me but if you click view attachment it should work.
Am I on the right track? weh. :warioicon: