Choosing not to flare your needles (or curl in on yourself) when your feelings get hurt as easily as mine marks the difference between the cuties and the frat boy asshats/sad crybags. After the Cold War with Magma hopefully I'll be better about this.
Wait-- does this mean I'm attracted to emotional maturity? ...Why, yes I am. Sweet.
hall of fame (listed in order of when I first came across them)
The autism on display here is pretty bad. :GBWario:
Well this thread sure turned to shit, but tahutoa is one sassy git
Crescent-Moon Villager said:
Like, double-yew-tee-eff, cee-em-three-oh!
Your handwriting is beautiful.
And I'M gonna sinnnng a song for yo-- wHOa JESUSFUCKFUCKCHRIST WHy is yOUR hAND OHHGdjhosndfgd
Chris O'Neil said:
I'm only mean to the people that I love dearly, Jesus!
stupidface said:
excuse me nigga, the black hole?
bye the bi can we start a crusade against the "Winner" rating being called "wOw!!!1!1!", g3y cm30 f6gg8t
Sometimes I fool around in FL Studio and try to make stuff sound nice. Other times, I make MIDI transcriptions and publish them online. https://www.vgmusic.com/new-files/index.php?s1=date&sd1=on&s2=none&s3=none&t=upld&q=tahutoa
My strong Pride is fast to inspire my Envy, and my Envy is quick to inspire my Anger. My Pride can also be quick to inspire my Anger. ...I get angry easily ':T

Mostly, I talk a bunch of shit and puff myself up around the family members that are exactly like me -- that they reflect the parts of myself that I hate so primarily is the exact reason that I'd be fine with not seeing some of them for a good year & a half.

Oh. and I can swallow backwards, nigga.
(Stop, stop, don't overthink it, I meant what I said. Mouth->Esophagus? Esophagus->Mouth.)
Jul 18, 2000 (Age: 18)
the little stone village beneath Wario Circus
Favourite Wario Game
Favourite Wario Game: (Tied between) Wario World / WW Inc.


Youtube Channel
TheAmateurAardvark ((yes I know it's gay as hell but I was 13))
Nintendo Network
Pokey (username: tahutoa)


Get a version of Wario Land 4.sf2 w/ named presets here
My SuperSponge sf2: SuperSponge Soundfont (PS1)
My Insaniquarium! sf2: Insaniquarium! Deluxe
My Best Friends sf2: Best Friends
My Bubsy sf2: Bubsy Meowndfont
|:gwdancing:| https://soundcloud.com/tahutoa
Your one-stop shop for WAArio-themed song arrangements.:gwatchkissy:



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