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    My Counter against ''Why Does Wario Fart''

    Even after the video I am still researching and adding to the Counter whenever possible. Turns out Nintendo Power had this postcard, which plays into the poop humor of the japanese websites. Barely talked about because naturally, it doesn't affect how Wario acts in the games and is really just...
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    My Counter against ''Why Does Wario Fart''

    A friend of mine was so kind to adapt my counter into video form. Very happy with the results, this is still something I care about a lot.
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    New Wario series sales thread

    Doesn't give us any concrete numbers, but it's yet another encouraging sighting.
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    Comic Bon Bon's WarioWare Touched manga is now viewable online

    And here's the rest. Really amazing surprise to see this in full at last and it's so much better than WaiWai!Wario was.
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    Comic Bon Bon's WarioWare Touched manga is now viewable online

    As requested by Glowsquid, here's the first bunch:
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    Why was there no "Wario Land 5" for the GBA or DS?

    Treasure Tracker is actually a good example of how Nintendo operates. They didn't decide to do a Toad treasure hunting game specifically instead of a Wario one. They started with the base concept of a puzzle platformer where the character can't jump and what franchise to add came later. Very...
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    What new characters would you like to see in DLC or a sequel?

    My most ideal pipedream selection of characters would be: - Sal Out - 13 Amp - Joe - Waluigi - Captain Syrup - Shokora - Wanda - Sarissa Just to go all the way with also adding characters from other Wario games as well. Not decided on how I'd expect them to play, but to make the pipedream even...
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    Now that it's been out for a few days, how do you feel about the game? (spoilers are ok!)

    Leaving my impressions post from my blog here. Long story short: I am incredibly happy with this game, with the only major, significant bummer for me being the lack of online multiplayer and even that I honestly saw coming.
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    I think I've figured out Nintendo's IP business strategy

    Vote with your wallet is a term more commonly used when it comes to boycotting something, but it very much holds weight the other way around as well. There is never a way to fully tell what influences Nintendo’s decisions, but a number of trends show a helpful picture: Fire Emblem got...
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    Your favorite "little things" in the Wario Land series

    Wario manuals being amazing is no secret and here's something fun: From the american Wario Land 4 manual. Would already be fun on it's own, but then I took a look at a certain page in the Wario World manual again and, well: Never put the pieces together before, but this is Roachie, still...
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    My Counter against ''Why Does Wario Fart''

    Absolutely! It's a natural part of marketing to emphasize what would be particularly well recieved in any given region. Wario's love of talking about crass stuff being more crude and frequent in certain japanese marketing is a true statement. My issue is really more with how the article...
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    My Counter against ''Why Does Wario Fart''

    More then okay! I really appreciate getting this kind of context on materials I can't read due to language barrier. You're doing me a big favor by giving me even more material to adress!
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    What is the likelihood of a new Wario Land? A comprehensive analysis

    I do feel like Gold doing well enough, despite being released in an atrocious time for new 3DS releases did, at the very least, restore some of Nintendo's faith in Wario. I'm not at Nintendo, so I wouldn't know, but comparing the nightmare that was the Wii U era, to how Wario is doing now, is a...
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    My Counter against ''Why Does Wario Fart''

    It's yet another example of how fundamentally flawed the article's stances are. I mean, I brought this up before, but one of the very few german Wario ads we ever got was literally a slightly shorter version of the one Japan had: Along with all the other stuff I brought up in my european...
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    My Counter against ''Why Does Wario Fart''

    Thanks for the added perspective! I decided to just go for a european perspective I can comment on, so I'm really happy to get some additional imput! As you said, the Japan vs US Wario comparison doesn't cover the west as a whole, even if I agreed with it, I would certainly not have my...