fantasia is better than your favorite film

  1. JulianT

    Huggers of the Universe BETA

    CLOSED : 5/12/17 Page Cleanup Poll Added Sneak peek jobs removed First Job added Added Job tab under individual character sheets Added new character Felix Coronadric Added Inventory tab under individual character sheets Added Coins under individual character sheets Beta is now closed until the...
  2. SurrealBrain

    Random Posts of Goofiness

    Anything you wanna post? Anything on your mind? Any news to post? Anything you're doing? Any crazy random goofy thing? Then this thread is for you! This thread can be about anything! long as it doesn't already have a thread and/or you don't think it's good enough for its own thread, of...
  3. JoeKarta

    Social Thread

    In this thread you can like the General Chat description says: or games you played, or TV shows or etc. etc.... So discuss!