1. Christmas Ashley

    Christmas Ashley

    Special christmas artwork of Ashley - From the Japanese WarioWare Gold website.
  2. Christmas Mona

    Christmas Mona

    Special christmas artwork of Mona - From the Japanese WarioWare Gold website.
  3. WarioWare Gold Alt Key Artwork

    WarioWare Gold Alt Key Artwork

    Alternate version of the key Artwork for Warioware Gold, From
  4. BooDestroyer

    Anyone a bit...concerned about the future of WarioWare after Gold?

    Trying really hard not to be pessimistic here, but I mean, the fact that Gold is releasing on the 3DS at this point in the system's lifetime. It and some other games that hardly anyone's going to buy. While I'm glad WarioWare is making a comeback after so long, I'm surprised they're actually...
  5. CM30

    Theories on the new character in WarioWare Gold?

    As you know, a new female main character is seen in the promo artwork for WarioWare Gold. You can see her to the left of Ashley in this picture: But who do you think she actually is, and how do you think her storyline plays out in the game? Honestly, I'm starting to suspect she may have some...
  6. CM30

    What will the WarioWare cast sound like in WarioWare Gold?

    Given that most of them haven't really spoken more than a few lines in past games? Will Nintendo use the same voice actors and have them just speak more? Could some of them get replaced altogether? What do you think here?
  7. Crescent-Moon Villager

    [Upcoming Game] What can we expect from Warioware Gold?

    What do you think we can expect from the new Warioware game? Nintendo said there are over 300 microgames, but will they all be old microgames, or do you think we can expect new ones as well? I think it would be sorta lazy to not have at least SOME new content. Will there be a new 'gimmick'...
  8. TB100

    Warioware Gold Discussion