mario party

  1. Engine Party

    Engine Party

    Everyone VS Luigi
  2. Cake Party

    Cake Party

    Cake Party? Birthday Party?
  3. Beach Party

    Beach Party

    Wario does what he does best, let others do his dirty work
  4. Jungle Party

    Jungle Party

    Jungle scene from Mario Party 64 Wario has been cheated by Mario
  5. Wild West Wario (N64 Style)

    Wild West Wario (N64 Style)

    A dework of Mario Kart Tours Cowboy Wario (not MP2: Western World). Beltless as Egadd encorperated an elastic leotard into the ancient stealth relic: The Bandito Buckaroos. While the built-in cloaking field might keep him hidden the loud spurs give him away. A fail safe design by Egadd.
  6. Robin

    Small detail in Mario Party 5

    "In Mario Party 5, there are barely readable labels under the game pieces during the character selection for the Card Party bonus game. However, looking very closely, you can see that the Wario and Waluigi pieces have been swapped." - Source Kinda interesting! I think the labels are actually...
  7. MonaWare

    [Poll] Nintendo 64

    I know there are at least a few people here who really liked this console : p Like Ive said before here a few times, I really really loved this console, to the point that I once even claimed it was the only good console to ever exist : p Sadly alot of people these days are turning on this...