1. Popco's Wario

    Popco's Wario

    A little bootleg looking but that's our man
  2. Royal Raceway Rumble

    Royal Raceway Rumble

    Mario cheating again (he has infinite lightening bolts)
  3. Mario's Rainbow Castle

    Mario's Rainbow Castle

    Once again Wario has been cheated
  4. Engine Party

    Engine Party

    Everyone VS Luigi
  5. Cake Party

    Cake Party

    Cake Party? Birthday Party?
  6. Beach Party

    Beach Party

    Wario does what he does best, let others do his dirty work
  7. Jungle Party

    Jungle Party

    Jungle scene from Mario Party 64 Wario has been cheated by Mario
  8. Wario Transformations Can Be Applied To Others VIA Wario

    Wario Transformations Can Be Applied To Others VIA Wario

    Wario uses a Mario as a boomerang, much to Luigi and Yoshi's dismay, in issue 27, page 181 of Super Mario-kun.
  9. Victory


    Wario is looking classy but he's still scratching his head wondering how even though he kept placing after Mario that Luigi is still in second. This is when Wario started catching on to Mario and Luigi's cheating ways. Something Waluigi had always warned him about.
  10. Sherbet Land Boost

    Sherbet Land Boost

    Wario getting cheated out of his place by Mario Penguins trying to get revenge on Mario for all their children dropped off cliffs into the void.
  11. WAHrio's Picross 2

    WAHrio's Picross 2

    Wario as seen in artwork for Mario Picross 2
  12. Squishy Pixelz

    Studio 21 is really close to 1,000 members!

    So as a few of you know, I run Studio 21, a WarioWare DIY Discord server where people can share their creations, talk about Wario and hang out. We even released a collab back in April. You can watch it here! It's actually the server attached to these forums since the merge. Well Studio 21...
  13. Squishy Pixelz

    MarioWare DIY - A Studio 21 Community Collab

    Figured I'd mention this here briefly. The DIY community is holding their first music collab. It will be premiering on YouTube tomorrow at 5pm PT/8pm ET if people are interested (the VOD will be available after the live premiere)
  14. N64 Controllers Take Flight

    N64 Controllers Take Flight

    Some of the N64 gang flying controllers from what is believed to be a rare official render. They might have left out Luigi but they didn't do Wario dirty.
  15. Warigin Story?!

    Warigin Story?!

    DID DR LIGHT CREATE WARIO? OR WAS WARIO MARIO'S COUSIN FROM CHILDHOOD? Comic Super Mario: Die Verwandlung from German Club Nintendo issue 1/1993 (reprint 1/1996) [1] Sixth panel of page 3. Dr. Light and Mario are shocked about the accidentally creation of Wario.
  16. Super Mario Land 3 Issue 3

    Super Mario Land 3 Issue 3

    Cover of volume 3 of Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land manga. Depicting Daisy, Mario and Wario.
  17. Wario Land Issue 2

    Wario Land Issue 2

    Second issue of the wario land comics
  18. Wario Land Issue 1

    Wario Land Issue 1

    First issue of the kodansha wario land comics
  19. Mario & Wario Cover

    Mario & Wario Cover

    The KC Deluxe Mario & Wario arc
  20. Wario Land Comics Issue 3

    Wario Land Comics Issue 3

    Kodansha Manga