1. hubworld23

    A Broken Pasta!(NPFA)

    Hey Guys, Before we Begin I Wanna Give A Shoutout to A User By The Name Of The 3rd Wario Brother For Inspiring Me to Remake this Chapter For My Crossover Fanfic... So Thanks Man!:) Now Onto The Story tell Me what you think about the First Chapter In The Comments Feedback Is Appreciated!;)...
  2. hubworld23

    PPA Episode 1: A broken Pasta

    A/N Hi Guys My name is Sammy And I hope you like this chapter for A Mario Fanfic I'm doing called Princess Peach's Adventure! Also for those who are wondering is this A full On Sequel to SMO. Well... Yes and No... Why you might be Asking!? Yes: Because it takes place after the first game so Some...
  3. NeshBear

    old art

    from my da account but wanna post here. hope you guys like.
  4. Broder

    The Mario Kart Thread!

    Everyone loves that Red Luigi spin-off racing game right? We obviously all do! Yup, that's right, i'm making a Mario Kart thread on here... because this gaming section is kinda silent tho, and nobody did it on here, so you can talk about how much do you hate that Blue Shell, your Main (except...
  5. TB100

    [Upcoming Game] Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (August 29th 2017)

    Welp it's real. Okay we knew of it's existence thanks to all the various rumors and this picture released a few weeks back, but now we have absolute confirmation. I will admit though, despite how fucking strange the idea is. I'm......actually.....interested by this game. It actually looks pretty...
  6. ThAshleyChannel

    Mario Kart 8 SUCKS (and wii is awesome!)

    Really wish Mario Kart wii's online didn't have to shut down. Anyone else remember playing this game and really enjoying it? It was the best game in the series in my opinion, I never had problems with it at all. Unlike most who seem to think the items are unfair or something. This is the Mario...
  7. The 3rd Wario Brother

    Advertise your SMM courses!

    I've decided too get back into Mario maker. I've deleted all my levels and am starting a clean slate. These first few levels I'm making may be crappy, I'd love your feedback guys. The only one uploaded so far is RIDE TO VICTORY! Course ID: D078-0000-029E-09E4 Can't tell if zero or o's but I put...