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  1. Boppity BopPop

    Wario takes over the eshop

    So Wario took over The Nintendo Eshop (this is just too funny) : nintendo a couple months ago, wario took over the 3ds Eshop to promote Warioware Gold. And I'm wondering, if there were to be a soon to be released wario game, (Land, Ware, World, whatever) do you think he'd invade the Switch...
  2. More WarioWare Gold Artwork

    More WarioWare Gold Artwork

    From a Japanese magazine, of course.
  3. WarioWare Gold Japanese Box Art

    WarioWare Gold Japanese Box Art

    It's the Japanese version of this game's box art. Sadly, it's not as good as the American and European versions.
  4. WarioWare Gold Box Art (European Version)

    WarioWare Gold Box Art (European Version)

    The European box art for WarioWare Gold, in this case the version used in the UK.
  5. WarioWare Gold Box Art

    WarioWare Gold Box Art

    The non Japanese box art for the game, featuring a very snazzy high res version of that eShop promo image. Lookin' good!
  6. WarioWare Gold eShop Promo

    WarioWare Gold eShop Promo

    The one showing a new character, as seen to the left of Ashley in the picture.