1. Orbulon's Records (Warioware DIY) - My Hometown.mp3

    Orbulon's Records (Warioware DIY) - My Hometown.mp3

    My favorite Orbulon's record from Warioware DIY (sometimes it makes me feel nostalgic)
  2. Yannii

    My Orbulon art

    Hello everyone. Today I finished this Orbulon art and I thought to show to this forum my power of drawing or not. And I decided to show. I have put a big effort in this art, especially in plants (repeating iris (the biggest one and on Orbulon head) was a biggest struggle, but I tried to make as...

    Good Evening

    hi, my name is 2Z (supposedly) and I'm new to both using forums generally speaking (kind of, it's more that all the other ones i used were dead so i only made one post on them and then realized there wasn't much left to do there) and also to the warioverse or whatever the term people use for all...
  4. WarioWare: Move It Characters

    WarioWare: Move It Characters

    All the characters from WarioWare: Move It
  5. Orbulon from Warioware Gold

    Orbulon from Warioware Gold

    Official artwork of Orbulon from Warioware Gold (Credit to @DanTH400 for ripping the artwork.)
  6. Liz

    the Orbulon Thread

    Inspired by @Count Cannoli 's Crygor fan thread: a thread for friends to talk about/admire/draw/speculate on/existentially ponder WarioWare's resident tiny alien-kitten-man-thing. Orbulondiy:: Orbulon has always been my favorite & it's been exciting to meet more fans here on these forums &...
  7. Character Profiles

    Character Profiles

    The Character Profiles from Mega Party Game$.