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  1. Durdge-o

    [Fan Content] Wario Land/SMW-like game

    Yo I've been working on a Wario Land/SMW-type fan-game for awhile. While it's not necessarily a "fan-game" since I'm building off an old game of mine, it shares a lot of the DNA. I also wanted to show my progress since I'm nearing the completion of the engine. So here's Grandman 2. (Working...
  2. Robin

    The Original Character Thread

    So, I can't find any topic on OC, so here's one! I'd love to see artwork of your original characters, that creation you are so proud of. Maybe an imaginary friend or a mascot, or just the hero of your latest work! I have my own, and you know her well! Her name is Blue. I wrote a lot of info...