[Fan Content] Grandman's Unbearable Existence (Wario Land/SMW-like game)


John Grondor
Yo I've been working on a Wario Land/SMW-type fan-game for awhile.
While it's not necessarily a "fan-game" since I'm building off an old game of mine, it shares a lot of the DNA.
I also wanted to show my progress since I'm nearing the completion of the engine.

So here's Grandman 2. (Working title)

Before I tell you about mechanics, this or that, or whatever it might be.
I figured I'd give some background as to why *this main character*.

The original Grandman, hence the "2", was more of an IWBTG-esque platformer. Starring Wario, of course.
I ended up scrapping the Wario labeling so I could post it wherever I wanted and having my own brandin'.
The original, which you can play here, relied on the charge as a pseudo-wall jump.
It sucked and was really janky, but it gave me the titular character and filled my head with ideas for sequels.

So after tossing the idea around for a sequel in my head for awhile (and leveling up my programming skill with another bad game), we're here at Grandman 2.
Which, plays into the least used aspect of Wario, his grab! As not to be another WL4 clone...

Here's an example:

It's still really rough of course, since I haven't had the ability to get any playtesters and I'm still ironing out my engine.
But you can definitely see some of the crap you can get up to, I'm curious to see how players rip up levels with how free the grabbable system is.

Grandman'll also have some weaponry.
They're probably the closest thing to transformations, he trades his throwing arm for rockets...

Not to mention, Grandman's got a damn chain gun.
Pretty sweet, prolly the closest you'll get to WL4-levels of speed.

Which by the way, on the topic of Wario Land 4, I should clear something up.
This isn't another Wario Land 4, it's a simple A-to-B platformer, it shares a lot more identity with SMW actually.
A lot of the level elements are reminiscent of Kaizo/Puzzle hacks, it's what I know so I won't be reinventing the wheel or anything.
But I'll hopefully include a level editor so that everyone can get in on the action.

So, to clarify, this is SMW + Wario Land.
It's just that the grabbing and movement has been toned to a more Wario Land 2-level.
Plus, we ball now.

I suspect this'll be just as speedrun-friendly as any other platformer.
But a lot of the design and elements come from SMW romhacks, in fact I've barely shown you anything!

I've got a ton of objects, 50+ I think, not sure.
I'll let you take a crack at what you think each one does.

Here's one that'll prolly be particularly annoying.
Input blocks (excuse the old gif):

These blocks'll respond to the button you have pressed, becoming either solid or transparent.
Permanently quenching the need for a "hold right" level or a "don't press left" level hopefully.

...and here's one last one for my sake, Teleporters!:

Outside of doing the usual, transporting you.
They also transport the grabbables, rockets, enemies, you name it really.
I think you'd be able to do a lot with it just by itself, but it has plenty of interactions with other objects you should have plenty of things to play with.

Well, that's all for now I think.
I'll cut it short and say that I'm going to start working on this a helluva lot more when school's out.
Which is in about a week or so, at that point I'll need PLENTY of playtesters once I've got my level editor and a few levels done.


Cya then.
Also toss me any questions you have!
Would be more than willing to answer.
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This looks like a fun game to play. A SMW / Wario Land combination might seem a bit strange (to me at least), but may very well turn out to be something really good that's more than worth playing.
Been awhile, necro.
I'd figure I'd hop back in here just to shill, since the game's come quite along since this original post.

Downloads if anyone's interested:

My Twitter for updates:

So, addendum from the original post:
-I have a fully fleshed out editor, equipped for public use
-3 Worlds done, more to come
-The game has had a year's worth of polish layered on thick, it plays completely differently
-I still need some playtesters! I would say musicians too but I'm broke and playtesters don't really expect money unlike musicians
-The game has shifted very far away from the original physics puzzles and rock jumping, it's more WL:Shake It?

Anyone wanna help out or just wants to get their grubby mitts on an early test build?
Lemme know! My discord is: Durdge-o#6473
Drop me a line, yo.
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