1. Yellow Pyoro

    [Upcoming Game] To those who played WarioWare: Move It, what are your thoughts so far?

    What did you like, dislike, and what did you wish was in the game? I liked the Smooth Moves gameplay and seeing the characters again. I enjoyed seeing In the SM64DS microgame, I laughed at the new I don't like the new Wario voice, but it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Also...
  2. Charcoal

    Reviews on Warioware: GIT

    (WARNING) Everything i say is all based to my opinion, and if you disagree with it, that's fine. Hello, i'm a newbie at WarioForums, so please greet me properly. So, by the release of WW: GIT, i was kinda excited by the continuation of the WarioWare's Franchise, but there seems to have less...
  3. Mei-Chan

    Wario Land 3 review by Yui-Chan!

    Ohayo gosaimasu! I am back with another review! This time, we will be looking at the sequel to Wario Land II: Wario Land 3! What a surprise, they're numbered! As always, thank you to all the beautiful members and friends of the Wario Forums for pointing me towards this very fine-crafted game...
  4. Mei-Chan

    Wario Land II review by Yui-Chan!

    Ohayo gosaimasu! It has been awhile since the last review I did for you, so I am back to bring you another review of the most recent title I played: Wario Land II! Everyone recommended me to play either Wario Land II or Wario Land 3, so expect me to play the latter soon! Again, a big "THANK...
  5. Robin

    The AntDude reviews VB Wario Land

    Posted yesterday, here's a review of VB Wario Land by the AntDude!
  6. Mei-Chan

    Shantae review by Yui-Chan!

    Ohayo gosaimasu! Let me start by giving you all a big "THANK YOU" for your presence in my life! Thanks to you, I was able to find wonderful video games to play, allowing me to make my way in this new world! All of you have directed me towards a form of entertainment I was not familiar with and...
  7. Mei-Chan

    Wario Land 4 review by Yui-Chan!

    Ohayo gosaimasu! I have never played a Wario Land game before and since I want to practice my writing skills, here is a review of my own, about the latest game I played: Wario Land 4! The title screen from Wario Land 4 Wario Land 4 is a platformer, the type of game a person like me, with no...
  8. Old Wario Blast Review

    Old Wario Blast Review

    An old magazine review of Wario Blast.