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  1. Baker Man

    [Fan Content] Disguise Wario fan-concept for Smash

    Look at this thread for context, late 1st page - early 2nd page.
  2. tahutoa

    trying Wario in the custom Super Smash Bros. "Smash Remix" hack

  3. Ale’on (mniptik)

    Yet another wario smash moveset proposal

    So I know there have been a few proposals to change some stuff about his moveset and animations already but I wanna do my own Starting off with specials Neutral special- should have an inhale to make it a wario world reference or even change it to the dragon hat wich works like spicy cury but...
  4. ThAshleyChannel

    Ashley for Smash Bros support thread.

    Ashley for Smash Bros: Ultimate Let's get into the reason why I think Ashley has good odds at becoming a fighter! I'll go into more detail now. So, in 2015, Smash 4 released; this is where Ashley's popularity grew a lot. Ever since this game Ashley has appeared time and time again, via 3ds...
  5. C


    Alright, i want to make this clear. For all who say that it is okay that warios forward smash is a back hand punch.. Please delete your account on this forum, right now.
  6. Koopaul

    [Poll] What should the Wario series icon in Smash be?

    In Smash, Wario's series is represented by a "W" which I always thought didn't seem right. After all, the Mario series doesn't use his "M" it uses a Mushroom. I thought perhaps the series should be represented by that Wario Ware bomb. Or maybe something else... What do you guys think?
  7. MrLlort

    WarioWare stage (Smash bros) thread

    Thread for this stage! (I hope its first thread about that!) Warning: Please, dont post something like "They would better make Wario Land stage!" I like Wario platformers, but we talking about stage itself, like: My fav parts or most hated, ok? What about me: Its ok! But I think there is not...