[Poll] What should the Wario series icon in Smash be?

What should the series icon be?

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In Smash, Wario's series is represented by a "W" which I always thought didn't seem right. After all, the Mario series doesn't use his "M" it uses a Mushroom.

I thought perhaps the series should be represented by that Wario Ware bomb. Or maybe something else... What do you guys think?

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Neither one perfectly captures Wario since the W is pretty much Wario Land exclusive and the bomb being Ware exclusive. The bomb would make more sense I guess though Wario doesn't really represent either series particularly well in Smash.

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The WarioWare Bomb is definitely a great candidate, hell i genuinely thought that's what it was gonna be when Wario's trailer in Brawl dropped.
Something representing WarioLand would be cool too but WarioLand doesn't really have one specific icon to associate with. Wario's Castle? Um, Music Box World? Perhaps the Golden Pyramid. Well Wario's castle is the most likely one of those but it doesn't appear in every game. They could go with a money bag but that's to easy and vague. WarioWare Bomb is a sensible choice but i aside from alt costumes and the song used in WLTSD he represents Ware more than anything and Wario has two series to cover which is probably why they chose the "W".
Wait a minute, its obvious. Wario's juicy booty should be the icon.:Snudgewink: IT'S PERFECT ^_^


Yes. I'm that Koopaul.
Wow check this out!

Wario's nose and stache. Come to think of it... I see that used for a lot of things in his games.

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I actually thought of that before. It would be a logical choice considering his nose and moustache are in every game. However, I've never seen it being used to represent the Wario series as a whole. Closest thing is Wario's face in the Ware games.


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I have always been the most partial to the nose/mustache combo myself, given how indicative of Wario that kind of logo is.

Well that and it's the most neutral icon to represent Wario at large since frankly, Land and Ware have so few common elements that there aren't many options that could represent both series, in fact the only other thing I could think of is to use garlic as a icon, since that's one of the very few things that comes up in both series.