Yet another wario smash moveset proposal

Ale’on (mniptik)

I’m Ale’on
So I know there have been a few proposals to change some stuff about his moveset and animations already but I wanna do my own

Starting off with specials
Neutral special- should have an inhale to make it a wario world reference or even change it to the dragon hat wich works like spicy cury but it doesn’t last long and has to recharge
Down special- wario pulls out a bomb from wario’s woods and the more time passes the more powerful it becomes and when it’s fully charged wario would instead pull out a WarioWare bomb blowing himself up wich works like a fully charged waft
(This also comes with a WarioWare bomb as the ui)

Forward throw and upward throw- it’s how he throws enemies in wario land
Downward throw- a Piledriver wich can bury

Other attacks
Dash attack- it goes a lot further and he can jump during it like in land
Downward Ariel- it’s his butt stomp
Down smash- shake punch from shake it
Down tilt- that stomp animation he does from Dr. Mario64

Now for animations
standard animation- should be like his standard pose in land 1, 4, and virtual boy
Duck- land 4
Run- dash from land 4
Victory- replace his fart animation to the clear animation from land 4 and the laughing animation could be his little dance from the first WarioWare

change his Luigi overalls to a black and white set like in wl3

change the yellow and green colors to reference mona

change his green and purple to reference Ashley

And finally

make him slightly taller than Luigi like cmon he’s barely taller than mario
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