1. Spam

    Wario in Rivals of Aether (Smash-Like Game)

    Me and a few friends of mine came together awhile ago to create a Wario mod for Rivals of Aether, a Smash like fighting game on Steam that was meant to revitalize the character and in more Wario Land content. And so after a month of tinkering, coding, and drawing, he's finally done! This Wario...
  2. TourTour

    Smash Run

    It's hard to find anyone else who likes Smash Run. Anybody out there who enjoys it and wants to compete for high scores?
  3. Koopaul

    [Fan Content] Smash Series Icons

    I tried doing something like this before but only went so far. This time I hope to create a Smash icon for every Nintendo series/stand-alone titles listed on the Nintendo Database website! Possibly even more considering the site doesn't list Wario series or Yoshi series in it's own category.