1. wario from mario hoops 3 on 3

    wario from mario hoops 3 on 3

  2. ThAshleyChannel

    Mario Kart 8 SUCKS (and wii is awesome!)

    Really wish Mario Kart wii's online didn't have to shut down. Anyone else remember playing this game and really enjoying it? It was the best game in the series in my opinion, I never had problems with it at all. Unlike most who seem to think the items are unfair or something. This is the Mario...
  3. ThAshleyChannel

    Would you play an Ashley Eshop title?

    Let's say for the 3ds/wii u Ashley got a side scroller game. A spin-off of Warioware I guess. The game is about collecting stuff for a spell, you'll need to check out huge areas for things, you can get power-ups, aim for the highest score and maybe even play two players offline, Ashley and...