1. Boppity BopPop

    Wario takes over the eshop

    So Wario took over The Nintendo Eshop (this is just too funny) : nintendo a couple months ago, wario took over the 3ds Eshop to promote Warioware Gold. And I'm wondering, if there were to be a soon to be released wario game, (Land, Ware, World, whatever) do you think he'd invade the Switch...
  2. Jobless Music

    [Poll] Rate your Nintendo Switch Games!

    Hi guys, from a scale of 1/10, how would you rate the Switch games in your library? You can add a description if you want to, but please add a spoiler button if you think it's a spoiler.
  3. Koopaul

    General Nintendo News

    So what's the deal with these forums? It's about a Nintendo character and yet we barely talk about other Nintendo games. There was just a Nintendo Direct the other day and so I thought there'd be some discussion on it here. Nope. Just Puyo Puyo. So I'm finally making a general Nintendo News...
  4. Jobless Music

    [Upcoming Game] Nintendo wants us to make a game!

    Hi hi, yes yes. Nintendo and Daddy sakurai wants us to make a game, let's get going chop chop. Here's a video with more information bye bye a go-go