1. Scyhh

    Wario Bike (Drawn by your’s truly)

    “GO!” -Wario
  2. Scyhh

    Wario Land Switch

    With last year’s March having Nintendo file many trademakers. The trademarks include Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, Warioware Gold, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Smash Ultimate and a mysterious one, Wario Land. Whiles it’s been a year since I still do believe that Wario Land is coming to switch. Nintendo...
  3. Egg Salad!

    It's a me!

    Egg Salad! I'm just some weirdo on the internet who really likes Wario and Waluigi! Who are you? Have a rotten day! :WLWarioLaughs:
  4. Jobless Music

    Official Wario Forums Steam Group

    Hi guys! 9-Volt gave us the idea to make a Steam Group for the forums! There, we'll be able to join others on our favorite games and start discussions! Join today! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WarioForums or search 'Wario Forums'
  5. HoneyButt

    Yo Dawgs Fo' Shizzle my Rizzle

    Yo! Hello everyone! I joined this forum because, like many others here, I believe Wario is the one true waifu but nobody else seems to follow me in my belief of Warioism. Every day I wake up and give a soft "Wah" to praise my lord and savior Wario. Wario is love, Wario is life. ...In all...