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Do You Think Wario Land Switch Is Going To Be Revealed At E3?

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With last year’s March having Nintendo file many trademakers. The trademarks include Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion, Warioware Gold,
Luigi’s Mansion 3, Smash Ultimate and a mysterious one, Wario Land.

Whiles it’s been a year since I still do believe that Wario Land is coming to switch. Nintendo usually files trademarks around halfway through a game’s development. So Wario Land Switch is less of a matter of if and more a matter of when.

Also here’s a screenshot of the trademark.
This thread got me all depressed like

*downward square wave glissando*
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Gadzooks, I can't even remember the last time I gave a shit about anything Nintendo announced at E3 besides perhaps Odyssey, and I don't even know if that was E3.
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Why is everyone so pessimistic? I mean retro game series get's revived all the time.

i do think a new WL is somewhere high on Nintendo's list of crowd pleasing annoucement, but unless it's long-abandoned, trademark renewals don't mean much: Nintendo has renewed the Eternal Darkness trademark three times since the original game came out.
I think the biggest issue facing the Wario franchise in general is recognizability and marketability. Nintendo's done so little to keep the character relevant in the minds of consumers ever since Land flatlined and Ware slipped onto the backburner. It seems like Wario's constantly growing more and more irrelevant in the greater supporting Mario cast as time goes on, which leads me to wonder how popular he is these days among the internal Nintendo teams, both corporate and creative. WarioWare Gold's general existence proves there's still some amount of interest in the character, but it feels like such an afterthought with that ever-looming 8 year gap between D.I.Y. and the latest "proper" Ware title. The fact that it took until the 3DS's dying breaths to get even a lower-budget Wario game out also says something.

Additionally, let's not forget that time Nintendo turned down a perfectly good remake of Virtual Boy Wario Land from one of their top 3DS indies. Chalk it up to Virtual Boy stigma if you want, but I think this could speak to a lack of faith in the Wario brand, particularly Land.
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I do think it's a good omen for the Wario_ stuff that Gold ended up being the best-selling new 3DS game of 2018 in Japan (yes it's an overly narrow superlative, shaddup) , even above a Pokemon spin-off with the hype of a hugely-anticipated Hollywood adaptation behind it. The amount of promo the series got for months after its release shows to me nintendo has faith in the brand or at least that someone in marketing had vested interest in the game's success.

Additionally, let's not forget that time Nintendo turned down a perfectly good remake of Virtual Boy Wario Land from one of their top 3DS indies. Chalk it up to Virtual Boy stigma if you want, but I think this could speak to a lack of faith in the Wario brand, particularly Land.

It could always be one of those "stuff we might want to get around ourselves one day" thing.

Also while the one-still looked decent enough, that doesn't mean the pitch was necessarily good or realistic. Renegade Kid's success on the 3DS strikes me as a medium-size fish in a tiny-ass pond situation since their stuff on way more competitive marketplaces like the Switch and PC have been met with total indifference.
You make a point. One decent critical and commercial success doesn't necessarily make you viable for control over an established Nintendo IP, even if it has been dormant for a while. Nintendo's protectiveness of their characters and properties is likely the main culprit.
To be fair, Nintendo hasn't done much with a lot of IPs recently, so you could make the same argument about them as well. Last Advance Wars was ages ago. Last F-Zero was ages ago. Last 1080 Snowboarding and Wave Race was... damn, that is a long time ago.

Yet I do feel all of these franchises could be revived and marketed well, and the same applies to Wario Land too. They'd just have to mostly market them to new fans rather than trying to draw on existing ones.
it's also worth noting that even during the lull between G&W and WW Gold, stuff from WW still got to appear in things like Rhythm Heaven Megamix and Badge Arcade (mostly one character, but still). It's a far cry from how Dead stuff like Advance Wars is.
I just wish these punkass bitches would make Waro 5, that's all I can really say

Shantae 5, Wario Land 5, the new Shovel Knight King of Cards campaign... that would make my day. No, my year!

But TBH Wario Land 5 seems a bit, how should I put it, ¨too far away.¨ I try to stay positive nontheless.
There is a new rumor that a remake of Wario Land VB was really planned to be released for Nintendo 3DS in 2019. This remake comes to Nintendo Switch instead during 2020/2021. Nintendo has filed trademarks for Wario Land (VB) in 2017 (Wario Land VB) and 2018 (Wario Land). Let's hope!!


2019: RUMOR - Gli ultimi progetti per Nintendo 3DS sono stati spostati su Switch
2018: Rumour: New Wario Land Trademark Suggests New Instalment Might Be In The Works
2017: Nintendo registra una marca relacionada con Virtual Boy Wario Land
Oh, I heard that rumour too.

Yeah, here's hoping it turns out to be on the Nintendo Switch instead. Given how Nintendo apparently canned a bunch of 3DS games and moved them over to Switch after that Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story remake failed, it wouldn't surprise me if this happened here.