Count to 1,000,000!

The year is 1941, The United States officially enters World War II by declaring war on the Empire of Japan following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Well, 43 now. Nothing to say here, other than it's apparently the page in the Wario Land 4 manual which gives us Hoggus' name in German. Which is... Hoggus.
47, aka the number of hidden blocks you can reveal in the original Paper Mario:

48 is the amount of academic credits I needed to graduate from high school! There may be some other significance to this number, but I can't think of any now...
52-6-4-20: 1,800g;

2,200: 2,200g;

3,200: 2,700g;

4,000: 3,100g.

This may have actually come to mind when I heard The Rock telling the Los Angeles Times that the only reason the WWE is taking the new gimmick so long is because they don't know what to do with it yet.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I have found a solution. There's nothing to this gimmick. What's going on here is a misunderstanding of how a gimmick works. The Rock was not telling you that these were the only dimensions that made the stunt of making these videos possible. The fact is that the angles and stunts that work on television – whether it's the Rock and Cena or the Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania or even the current WWE SmackDown! team – are the same angle and stunt that has worked the rock over the past two weeks. They are the same idea.

The gimmick is the angle that works – the idea. The concept that you're going to get a bunch of guys in a room like
And now we're at 54, a number that I really don't know anything special about.

BTW, I have calculated that if new continue at this pace, we won't reach 1,000,000 until the year 3287, so we better hurry up if we want to finish this within our lifetime. :wargrr:
59, or 7:59... the time Mona arrived to work at the Gelateria in the original WarioWare game.
Decimal: 60
Hexadecimal: 3C
Octal: 74
Binary: 111100
Unicode Character: < (Less Than Sign)